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National Pond Service – Canandaigua, NY

National Pond Service in Canandaigua, NY, has everything you need to create and maintain your own backyard pond or waterfall. Whether you have a water garden, goldfish pond, pondless water features, a large koi pond, farm pond, stormwater municipal retention pond, or a 5-acre lake, National Pond Service can help get what you want out of that body of water.

National Pond Service not only sells pond accessories like plants, fish and filters, but it is also an educational facility. Brush up on your fishing skills with angling lessons, receive a consultation about your pond, or listen to a lecture about aqua culture. There are walking tours to the ponds where the kids can feed the fish, or learn about more than 75 varieties of water lilies. If you are looking to stock your pond, National Pond Service has the largest selection around of koi and goldfish.

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