The Life of a Grape: Week 2

It’s week 2 and the Fox Run Vineyards’  vine is looking good! Fox Run is one of the many wineries to call the Finger Lakes home. The unique geography of the region–deep lakes, steep valleys and unique air patterns–help local grape crops flourish. Viticulture and wine making are longtime traditions in the Finger Lakes; they have been taking place since the 1800s when vineyards first sprang up around Keuka Lake.

The Life of a Grape Week 2

These vines are several weeks into the stage known as bud break. During bud break, new shoots are being formed and the developing leaves use the process of photosynthesis to gain energy from the sun. Spring is a crucial time in the plant’s life because it is susceptible to late frost and mildew. A great amount of time and care is spent on the vines to make sure they will produce the best possible grape crops.

Grape growing at Fox Run Vineyards

In a few weeks we should be seeing some flowering occur. This will be a busy time for the bees who help orchestrate the process of pollination. Stay tuned!

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