Life of a Grape: Week 4 & FL Wine Festival

A few days have passed since the last time we brought you photos from the Fox Run Vineyards grape vine, but what better time to update than right before one of the biggest wine events of the year? This weekend the annual Finger Lakes Wine Festival, sponsored by Yancey’s Fancy Cheese, lights up Watkins Glen with food, fun, entertainment and enough wine to make even Dionysus dizzy. The festival kicks off on Friday July 16th with the Launch of the Lakes Toga Party.  You can purchase tickets depending on what special events you want to attend and for how long you want to be at the festival. A one day pass costs $30, a Saturday & Sunday pass costs $40, designated drivers pay $15 and have access to free non-alcoholic beverages throughout the festival. There will be hundreds of wineries present as well as food and craft vendors and plenty of live entertainment. For more details visit the official Wine Fest website.

As for our grapes from Fox Run, maybe they will be joining us at Wine Fest in a few years!

The Life of a Grape: Week 4

In the meantime, we will watch them grow week to week and appreciate the slow, complicated, magnificent process that allows this incredible fruit to develop.

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