Waterfall Hotspots

Those living in Central New York know the phrase “Ithaca is Gorges” rings true, not just for the Ithaca area, but for the entire Finger Lakes region. Nearly every Finger Lake has nearby waterfalls–whether they are easily accessed, or they take a bike of gumption to get to.  The area  truly has a falls experience for everyone. We, at FingerLakes.com, recently posted a new web page highlighting some of the falls around the region.  At this point, we’ve really only scratched the surface–there are tons of waterfalls we haven’t mentioned on the page.  Some can be found in state parks, some seen from the car and still others, well hidden by the lush Finger Lakes forests. The best advice when searching out local cascades is to always have on proper footwear. Depending on the season, the water might be higher (especially in the spring) making rocks and paths slippery.

You can find our Waterfalls Page here.

Below: Ithaca Falls, one of the most impressive and easily accessed falls in the Finger Lakes.

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