The Ithaca Festival Begins this Week!

It’s a bittersweet time in Ithaca when the colleges empty out for the summer, the campus buzz fades away, the town’s population halves, and the locals dance in the streets.  It’s Ithaca Festival time!

If you have not experienced the Ithaca Festival, come celebrate the summer season with the locals this weekend (June 2-5) for a Midsummer Night’s Dream, the 2011 theme.  The theme is meant to capture the spirit of the festival, which promises fun, fantasy, mystery, and mischief—and the most artistically diverse rendition yet.  Live music, roving and impromptu theater performances, a costume contest, and masquerade ball, are just a few of the festivities not to be missed.  See the schedule of events for more details.

Kick off the festival Thursday evening (June 2) at 6:30 with the Ithaca Parade, which runs south on Cayuga Street from Lewis Street to Dewitt Park.  Join the locals as they fill the streets and sit on stoops surrounded by friends with drinks in their hands, babes on their backs, and smiles on their faces, watching the parade of Ithacans being Ithacans roll past.  It is not your average fireman’s parade.  It is a parade of locals celebrating their hometown–or what they like to call, 10 square miles surrounded by reality.

We hope to catch you in a Midsummer Night’s Dream this weekend!

Photo: Genna Knight

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