A Super Game & A Finger Lakes Coach

The team here at FingerLakes.com is made up of Buffalo Bills fans, and the past decade hasn’t been so kind to us when it comes to the post season.  So when it comes to the Super Bowl, we have a decision to make – The Giants or the Patriots?

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin was born and raised in Waterloo, and went on to play college football at Syracuse.  In fact, he still holds the touchdown record at Waterloo High School (37 in 16 games over 2 years!).  From what we understand, Patriots coach Bill Belichick was born and raised by wolves in the swamps of Louisiana (we kid, we kid!).

And we recently found this cool piece of memorabilia from something called the “Finger Lakes Pro Bowl” between the Giants and the Redskins almost 50 years ago!

So while it pains us to root for any team other than the Bills, we’ll be pulling for the Giants in this one.

Enjoy the game!

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