Ithaca Fest this weekend!

At this time every year, Ithaca’s population halves, as students head home, graduates move on, and only the locals remain to host a flurry of summer visitors.  It’s always a bittersweet time when the buzz of campus activities quiets and a hush falls over the wonderland we call Ithaca.

That is, until Thursday, May 31 at 6PM, when the locals hit the streets in a lively and eclectic array of costumes–doing dances, riding floats, and featuring local food, talent, and fun at the 35th Annual Ithaca Parade.  It’s how Ithaca kicks off its summer season—and the start of the 2012 Ithaca Festival Weekend—a celebration of the artist in everyone!

This year’s festival features a Finger Lakes Luau—complete with a Friday night Piggery pig roast and live music from 8PM-midnight at the Ithaca Farmer’s Market.  With the purchase of a $5 Festival Button—your ticket to the festival—enjoy over 150 performing groups, 100 crafters, 30 food vendors and countless community groups offering education and children’s activities.  All weekend events take place downtown on the Ithaca Commons and in Dewitt Park.  Thursday night’s Ithaca Parade runs south on Cayuga Street from Lewis Street to Dewitt Park, followed by concessions in the park.

Check out the festival events, and plan accordingly.  Get a taste of summer in Ithaca—and celebrate 10 square miles of bliss surrounded by reality!  See you at the Luau!

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