A Very Dickens Christmas in Skaneateles!

Step back in time to celebrate the holiday season Dickens style during the 20th Anniversary of a Dickens Christmas in charming Skaneateles, New York, every weekend in Dece mber through December 24th.

Dickens_Characters_Skaneateles_G.Knight (800x537)Smiling actors dressed in authentic period costumes wave and wish a “Happy Christmas!” to passersby, as horse-drawn carriages roll by, and carolers stroll the sidewalks.  If it weren’t for the cars in the streets, the sight of Father Christmas and Scrooge roaming the village would be enough to convince even humbugs that Dickens turned back time and brought the little lakeside village of Skaneateles to life this Christmas.  Dickens_Skaneateles_G.Knight (800x556)

Wagon_Ride_Skaneateles_G.Knight (800x532)Take a drive with your family for an afternoon, or book a romantic room in the quaint little town to celebrate the joys of the season and the beauty of one of the Finger Lakes’ gems.

Be sure to roam Genesee, Jordan, and Fennell Streets to browse all of the delicious possibilities before settling in for a bite to eat.  Charming coffee shops, cafes, bakeries, and book shops are tucked throughout the village, offering warm temptations for chilly visitors.  Save room for a taste of what the village restaurants have to offer.

Skaneateles’ rich history, gorgeous old homes, shops, boutiques, restaurants, and picturesque location at the northern tip of stunning Skaneateles Lake, inspire visitors year-round and offer a delightful backdrop to Dickens’ vision of Christmas.

Don’t miss it!


By: G. Knight

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