April 1–Trout Fishing in the Finger Lakes!

Spring is here, and Trout Fishing Season is already luring crowds to the Finger Lakes in anticipation of Opening Day on April 1st. |

Every year since the 1950s, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation conducts a trout fishing forecast, better known as “Shocking Day” to give a sense of what the upcoming season may look like for fishing trout.  Crowds of men, women, and children get excited for this spring event to see what the trout population will look like.

To gather the forecast, DEC officials wave electric wands in streams where trout tend to hide, in order to temporarily stun the fish and collect them in nets.  By collecting weight, length, gender, and spawning conditions of each fish, and determining its age and growth rate, the DEC is able to monitor the trout population and offer fishermen a sense of timing for the spring spawning run.

This year on March 19 and 20, the DEC conducted its trout sampling in local Finger Lakes tributaries.

Learn more about Shocking Day results for this spring.

Whether you are an avid angler fishing for trout, a first-time fisherman learning the lines, or someone just looking to relax and enjoy fishing in the Finger Lakes, there are plenty of prime fishing opportunities for all skill levels throughout the region.
We hope to see you on the water in April for Trout Season!

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