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Ready to explore? Check out Gofingerlakes.org, a new free guide to the best spots for hiking, biking, paddling, and outdoor recreation, across 6,000-square-mile areas of the Finger Lakes region, brought to you by our friends at the Finger Lakes Land Trust

Since 1989, the Land Trust has permanently protected over 19,000 acres of forests, gorges, wetlands, lake shores, and farmlands, with a mission to conserve forever the lands and waters of the Finger Lakes region, ensuring scenic vistas, local foods, clean waters, and wild places for everyone.

Gofingerlakes.org is an expression of that mission and an exceptional tool for exploring the beautiful natural wonders of this region. As you navigate this wondrous landscape, keep in mind the increasing threats to our priceless lands and waters, and consider what you can do to help conserve the beauty of this region.

It is our hope, and the hope of the Finger Lakes Land Trust, that your experience in the Finger Lakes will inspire you to join the efforts to help save the region’s valuable resources.

Consider becoming a member of the Finger Lakes Land Trust!

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