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Finger Lakes Apple Picking

Summer’s end is bittersweet in the Finger Lakes. As the warm air turns cool and lush green trees turn crisp, the blue skies give way to brilliant gray clouds pierced with sunshine, and the hillsides illuminate with spectacular shades of fall.  Ripened grape vines, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and New York apples offer a warm welcome to another season of bountiful harvest in the Finger Lakes. 

Celebrate the joy of fall in the Finger Lakes with a taste of the season’s most versatile crop and one of New York’s biggest exports—apples!  Bundle up your babes and head to the orchards to pick from over 20 varieties of New York apples.  Whether you pack a picnic for a leisurely lunch of fresh-picked apples, intend to stockpile a winter stash, or have visions of apple cider, crisp, and pie dancing in your head, you are sure to find the temptation of fresh dangling fruit at a U-pick farm near you.  Here are some local favorites:

Beak and Skiff Apple Farm and Country Store
For a family-friendly apple adventure, head to Lafayette, New York, to take a tractor ride to the orchards for prime picking of the season's best Empires, Northern Spies, Red Delicious, or McIntosh varieties.  Visit the farm's country store, wander the corn maze, or sample apple wines, cider, and apple vodka at the nearby Beak and Skiff Winery. 

Red Jacket Orchards
One of the oldest orchards in the region, Red Jacket Orchards in Geneva, New York, was originally planted in 1917 and has grown for the last 50 years under the management of the Nicholson Family.  Located along the rolling hills of Seneca Lake, the orchard and juice company is certified by Food Alliance as a sustainable producer.  Offering some of the region's finest fresh fruits and juices, the Nicholsons are committed to using environmentally-friendly practices, such as Integrated Pest Management, to produce quality products while protecting their fertile land.