Real estate in the Finger Lakes ranges from ultra high-end lakefront homes and cottages to beautiful yet affordable 150-year-old homes in picturesque small towns that dot the area. Because the area is so large, there are dozens options for every price point and real estate need, from commercial to residential.


Finger Lakes Waterfront Properties
As expected, waterfront properties command the highest prices–with million dollar listings not the norm, but certainly not uncommon. Some lakes have more high-end homes as primary residences since they are closer to major cities like Rochester (Canandaigua Lake) and Syracuse (Skaneateles Lake), other lakes feature more small cottages and second homes. While nothing on the water is going to come cheap, the 11 lakes in the region provide an impressive number of options when it comes to buying lakefront real estate.


Off the Water
Take a drive just ¼ mile from the lakes and the real estate prices fall significantly. In many small towns throughout the region, a four bedroom home can be purchased for well under $200,000, and sometimes under $100,000. In the upscale suburbs that dot the area, home prices will be significantly higher.

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Finger Lakes Premier Properties

Over 250 Homes Available