Length 8 miles
 Depth 66 feet

About 25 miles south of Rochester, Conesus Lake is the western-most of the Finger Lakes. Conesus derives its name from the Native American word for “always beautiful.” Like the other minor Finger Lakes, Conesus Lake is smaller and quieter than the major lakes. The shoreline around Conesus Lake is largely occupied by private homes with year-round residents. A few campgrounds and B&B’s can be found at the northern tip of the lake in Lakeville, the largest community directly on Conesus Lake. The towns of Livonia and Conesus anchor the northern and southern ends of the lake, respectively. Fishing, boating and water skiing are among the popular activities on the lake in summertime. Fishing is particularly good on Conesus Lake, especially for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, rock bass and northern pike. In winter, Conesus Lake is a great spot for ice fishing, snowmobiling and other winter sports.


Conesus Lake Public Boat LaunchConesus Lake Map
Address: 5030 E Lake Rd, Livonia, NY 14487
located on East Lake Road (near MacPherson Point), 4 miles south of Rt.20A. 
Park Map
-Hard surface launch ramp
-A fisherman’s access parking area offers car-top boat launch access.
-Vehical Fee


Conesus Inlet Wildlife Management Area
Address:5030 E Lake Rd, Livonia, NY 14487.
Located off West Lake Rd.(Rt.256), at the south end of the lake.
Park Map
-Cartop launch only
-No fee


Pebble Beach 
Located off Pebble Beach Road, northwest corner of the lake. ¼ mile south of Route 20A in the Hamlet of Lakeville.
-Cartop launch only


Sand Point 
Address:5828 Big Tree Road, Lakeville, NY 14480
Located off Rt.20A, north end of the lake. On Route 20A at Vitale Park in the Hamlet of Lakeville.
-Cartop launch only.


Conesus Lake Campground (Private)
Address:5609 East Lake Road,Conesus, NY 14435
Phone:(585) 346-CAMP (2267)


Mark’s Leisure Time Marine
Address: 5364 E Lake Road, Conesus, NY 14435
Phone: (585) 346-2260


Smith Boys 
Address: 5750 E. Lake Rd. Conesus, NY 14435
Phone: (585) 346-2060