With over 100 wineries dotting the landscape of the Finger Lakes region, it was only a matter of time before interest in fine spirits prompted many local wine makers and farmers to experiment with distilling. Now more than a half dozen distilling operations throughout the region are crafting impressive local spirits.

In the heart of the New York Finger Lakes Region, Myer Farm Distillers offers a taste of field to flask production, using certified organic grain from their own farm, one of the oldest and largest organic grain farms in the Northeast United States, to craft distill a unique range of spirits. Finger Lakes Distilling resides near Seneca Lake and specializes in gin, whisky, brandy, vodka, grappa and liqueurs. Other facilities with distilling operations include Hidden Marsh Distillery (specializing in Vodka made from mead), Knapp Winery, Swedish Hill Winery, Rock Stream Vineyards, Six Mile Creek Vineyards and Beak and Skiff Apple Farm (making vodka from apples). 

Whatever flavor you crave, local distilleries offer a change of taste and a range of beverages to satisfy every palate.



Finger Lakes Distilling

Handcrafted Spirits on the East side of Seneca Lake

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Myer Farm Distillers

At Myer Farm Distillers, they both plant the seed and produce the spirit.

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Hidden Marsh Distillery

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Iron Smoke Distillery

Internationally acclaimed NYS farm distillery

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Beak & Skiff

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