Length:7 miles
Width:0.5 miles
Depth:91 feet


Just 25 miles south of Rochester, Hemlock Lake offers a unique experience in the Finger Lakes where most lakeshores are developed. The beautifully wooded shorelines and hillsides of Hemlock and smaller Sister lake, Canadice Lake, provide an atmosphere often experienced only in more remote areas. A boat size/horsepower limitation contributes importantly to the “unspoiled” atmosphere. Because the lake is a water source to Rochester, shore development is restricted and boats can be no longer than 16 feet and outboard motors no larger than 10 horsepower. Swimming is not permitted in the lake.



NYS DEC SPECIFIES “It is unlawful to possess or operate a boat, to ice fish, to traverse the ice or water, or to fish from shore on Hemlock Lake (north of the northerly boat launch, and between Boat Launch Road and Hemlock Lake)”

Two access points available:

– Northeast corner of the lake, off Rix Road (gravel ramp)

– Southeast corner off Route 15A. (gravel ramp)


On Hemlock and Canadice Lakes a non-mechanically propelled vessel must be less than 24 feet in length. Mechanically propelled vessels must be less than 17 feet in length, and any motors must be 10HP or less. Prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species, check, clean, drain, dry and disinfect your equipment. No cleaning, gutting or depositing entrails within 100 feet of any water.