Over 560 miles of beautiful hiking trails traverse the rolling hills and deep gorges of the Finger Lakes region via the Finger Lakes Trail, which runs from the Pennsylvania and New York border in Allegany State Park east to the Catskills Forest Preserve.  Hop on New York State’s longest footpath for a short day hike, camp out for a weekend, or map out several days’ worth of backpacking, setting up camp in one of the many lean-tos available along the way.  Six branch trails, 29 loop trails, and a variety of spur trails span from the main footpath, providing over 958 miles of hiking within the Finger Lakes Trail System.   


The concept of long-distance hiking inspired the idea of the Finger Lakes Trail in the early sixties and is an accomplishment still encouraged to this day.  Hikers who cover the 560 miles of the main Finger Lakes Trail from End-to-End are presented with an engraved nameplate, two “End-to-End” patches and a certificate.  The good news is, there is no time limit to completing the trail, nor do you have to backpack, camp, or hike consecutively to qualify.  Learn more about hiking End-to-End on the Trail.


Supported and cared for year-round by dedicated volunteers, the Finger Lakes Trail offers a premier hiking experience that is accessible from various trailheads throughout the Finger Lakes region, from the Erie Canal corridor and within the Allegheny, Genesee, Susquehanna, or Delaware River watersheds.  The trail system runs through public parks and preserves, as well as across private land generously shared by approximately 700 private landowners who have given permission for the trail to cross their properties.  The trail is free and open to the public, thanks to members of the Finger Lakes Trail Conference, a non-profit organization created in 1962 with a mission to build, protect, enhance, and promote a continuous foot path across New York State.  Forever!