Located in Seneca Falls, New York, the Women’s Rights National Historical Park provides visitors with the opportunity to learn about how five women altered the course of history. You can walk in their footsteps and see firsthand exactly where the first Women’s Rights Convention from July 19-20, 1848, took place, which notoriously laid the groundwork for gender equality across the United States. Learn who attended the convention, see where the founders lived, and experience stories of what life was like during this period of reform in the 1800s.


The Historic Park is truly an educational experience for all ages. Stop by the Visitor Center to first plan your tour of preserved sites, including the Wesleyan Chapel, M’Clintock House, Elizabeth Cady Stanton House, and Hunt House. You can also catch the film, “Dreams of Equality,” upon request, visit the Eastern National Bookstore, and grab photos of the museum and statue exhibits that document efforts of equality through the early 1990s. Kids can try their hands at becoming “Junior Rangers” by completing a workbook filled with coloring pages, questions, and puzzles dealing with the Women’s Rights Movement.


The Park is located at 136 Fall Street in Seneca Falls. Learn more about visiting the Women’s Rights National Historical Park