Originally posted April 1st 2016. (April Fools)

The 12th Finger Lake Could be Just Weeks Away


With Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign in full gear, some have questioned whether he truly wants to be President of the United States, or if he is simply using the campaign to draw attention to his business empire.  Whatever his Presidential aspirations, a growing body of evidence points to the Trump business machine being in high gear – and to Trump being the driving force behind a massive new Finger Lakes Development that soon may bring a 12th Finger Lake to the region.


Stealth Land Acquisitions and Shell Corporations


Sources from local government agencies tell FingerLakes.com that over the past 18 months, over 231 individual parcels of land within 9 townships have been purchased at the north end of Cayuga Lake between Auburn and Waterloo using difficult to track shell corporations. Officials first chalked the sales up to the growing real estate market and interest from wine industry investors looking for prime terroir for future vineyards.  But a chance discussion among officials from Seneca Falls, Waterloo and Auburn about recent land sales sparked research that showed that not only were many of the same corporations buying land in different towns, but that when placed on a map – the land sales created an 21 mile long contiguous tract of land.


Our source tells us: “Whoever did this was trying to hide their tracks – and they were good. They never used the same corporation to buy land twice in the same township, and they never bought contiguous parcels within 3 months of each other. To nearly everyone it simply seemed like a hot real estate market.”


A Drone Uncovers the Plan


On March 23rd, local resident and activist April P. Hurst took her drone to the area in question to take videos. What she saw shocked her – on plot after plot, bulldozers and backhoes were furiously digging huge ponds – often several acres in size. And these ponds were separated from each other by only a few yards of dirt.



Omarosa ZaBee, Senior Director of Watershed Research at Cornell viewed the video and has a theory: “The fact that these huge ponds are so close to each other – often less than 5 feet apart, means that whoever is building them wants the walls between them to collapse, thereby creating larger and larger bodies of water.   And according to ZaBee, it is all legal “holding ponds up to 5 acres are perfectly legal without a permit. And there is no regulation regarding ponds on contiguous plots flooding and becoming larger bodies of water.One good spring rain and this entire thing will be one giant lake”.


According to ZaBee, the eventual result of these ponds merging together will be a massive lake 21 miles long and nearly ½ a mile wide – coming within 100 yards of the north end of Cayuga Lake. And some have noted, forming the shape of a “T” above Cayuga Lake. 


With current zoning regulations, this new lake could house over 17,000 new homes.


Below: Estimated coverage of Lake Trump


The Evidence Pointing to Trump – Shell Companies and an Anonymous Note


Close inspection of the holding companies who purchased the land appear to be controlled by an odd cast of characters – all with relation of some sort to Donald Trump:


FirstWifeHoldings – A Delaware Corporation controlled by Trump’s first wife Ivana Trump.


SecondWifeHoldings – A Nevada Corporation controlled by Trump’s second wife Marla Maples.


ThirdWifeHoldings – A New York LLC controlled by Trump’s current wife Melania.


EliOwnsMe, LLC – A Massachusetts firm owned by Tom Brady, a known Trump friend.


And just last week we received an anonymous note that included further details about the project: 


“This thing is going to be huge.  He is already calling it ‘Lake Trump Resort’, and has all the right politicians bribed so he can start building hotels. He’s going to offer everything – food, shopping, and free trips to the Women’s Rights National Park in Seneca Falls”


Trump Denies,  Other Candidates Respond


To date, Trump has denied all involvement in the project, telling FingerLakes.com “I love water. And Lakes. Could make a great Lake – best ever. No slobs allowed. I make great steaks too. No Plans now – winning President first.”


At a recent appearance in Long Island, Hilary Clinton responded to the rumors. “I live way, way upstate -– almost 40 miles outside of New York City! And I’ll tell you one thing that us upstaters don’t like – liars, and cheaters and people who try to keep their communications hidden from the public.  So why doesn’t Mr. Trump simply show us his emails and prove that he is not behind this massive development?!”


And after a recent campaign stop in Herkimer – Bernie Sanders himself threatened a massive protest.  “If this development does not stop, I am going to go to Ithaca tomorrow. And in a matter of minutes, I will have thousands of naïve young Cornellians racked with guilt march up Rte. 89 in our sandals, sing Kumbaya and demand Mr. Trump stop the development!”


What Next?


Local residents have banded together to protest the changes, forming the group Finger Lakers Against Lake Trump (F.L.A.L.T).  Seth Olney, proprietor of the world famous Olney Place on Keuka Lake and a founding member of F.L.A.L.T says “I may not have gone to Trump University, but I’m smart enough to know that Lake Trump is not good for the Finger Lakes”.


The group suggests emailing State Senator Donnie Mazuli – head of the Finger Lakes Area Regulations Team (F.L.A.R.T.). His email is: senatormazuli@gmail.com


This story is developing, FingerLakes.com will keep you updated as new information emerges.