Population: 10,287
Location: Along the southern edge of the Finger Lakes along the Chemung River

Nearby Towns: Watkins Glen (22 miles), Keuka Lake & Hammondsport (28 miles)


Corning, New York, located along the southern edge of the Finger Lakes along the Chemung River, has a small-town feel with big-time charm. Best known for its roots in glass production, Corning is home to Corning Incorporated, makers of glassware and ceramics. The main attractions in Corning are the glass museum, the impressive Rockwell museum….and the Gaffer District.



Glassfest 2023– May 25-28
Summer in Downtown Corning– List of events for summer 2023

Wineglass Marathon


The Pickering Treaty defined Iroquois property rights, including placement of a western boundary on their land, and reserved land for a military road along the Niagara River. Goods and an increased annual annuity were granted to the Indians, cementing the relationship.

Timothy Pickering signed the Treaty for the United States; Cornplanter, Farmer’s Brother, Fish Carrier, Handsome Lake, Little Beard, Red Jacket, and 44 others signed with Xs for the Iroquois.



The town of Corning was established in 1852 and was known for its rich farming soil due to its proximity to the Chemung River. The town is named after Erastus Corning, a financier. It consists of five boroughs: East Corning, Morrcrest, Gibson and the Villages of Riverside and South Corning. River travelers and lumbermen would often stop in Gibson as they traveled along The Erie feeder canal. Railroads soon after became an important means of transportation, which led to stations being built in what is now known as Gibson, and also one in East Corning. Soon hotels, mills and blacksmith shops were opened throughout the surrounding area. Today, In historic downtown Corning, the streets of the Gaffer District are lined with antique shops, restaurants, glass-making studios and specialty stores. The town hosts events and festivals each year, including GlassFest, Jazz & Harvest Fest and the seasonally themed Crystal City Christmas. A number of trails or self-guided tours are geared toward specific interests. Indulge your sweet tooth with the decadent treats on the Chocolate Trail, or discover priceless collectibles on the Antique Trail.