One of the most comfortable and stress free ways to enjoy Finger Lakes wineries is to let someone else do the driving for you. With someone else at the wheel you can enjoy the wine, enjoy the scenery and enjoy the day. There are many options when it comes to taking a wine tour in the Finger Lakes – you can hire a car, have someone drive your car, hire a limo, a bus, a trolley or even try the unique experience of a wine tour by boat!

And before you take your Finger Lakes winery tour, here are some helpful wine tour tips.


How much does a wine tour cost?

Prices for tours vary widely based on the tour operator, length of the tour, how many people are on the tour, and the type of vehicle you are in. For example, a town car for 3 people might be about $300 for 5 hours. And a large van for 8 passengers might be inthe range of about $500 for a 5 hour tour. Check with each operator for their pricing.


Can you drink during the tour?

Rules will vary by tour operator, but many operators allow guests to consume alcohol during the tour so long as they are acting appropriately.


What wineries will we visit during the tour?

Your itinerary will depend on many factors – including the size of your tour group (some wineries don’t allow large groups), the length of your tour, your wine preferences and a number of other factors. Make sure to tell your driver what kind of day you have in mind – there is a big difference between a nice day of tasting some of the best wines in the region, and a day where everyone simply wants to have fun, let loose and drink lots of wine.