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Keuka Lake

Keuka Lake is a favorite Finger Lakes destination for many visitors who come to enjoy the warm waters, excellent fishing and lakefront restaurants. Keuka, from the Iroquois for "canoe landing," forks out into a Y shape about halfway up the lake, with shallow waters yielding warm water that makes for comfortable swimming all summer long. The panoramic view of vineyards surrounding the lake make for what many describe as the most picturesque of all the Finger Lakes.

The largest town on Keuka Lake is Penn Yan (population 5,219), at the end of the northeastern branch of the lake. Penn Yan is the county seat of Yates County. The town of Branchport is at the end of the northwestern branch, and Hammondsport—where winemaking in the Finger Lakes began—anchors the southern end of the lake.

Keuka Lake Highlights

Bluff Point of View

Relax in a 400 square-foot cabin chalet with a screened-in porch and deck, overlooking Keuka Lake!

The Olney Place

The Olney Place offers a unique mix of world-class deli, convenience store, tap room and local meeting place.

Glenn H. Curtiss Museum

One of the hidden gems of the Finger Lakes, featuring vintage airplanes, bikes, motorcycles and boats.

Don't Miss

Keuka Lake Wineries - It may be smaller than the other wine trails in the Finger Lakes, but wine lovers should check out the wineries at Keuka Lake to see where it all began.

The Scenery - Many proclaim Keuka Lake to be the most beautiful, scenic and picturesque of all the Finger Lakes. Spend some time at Keuka Lake and decide for yourself.

Fishing - The warm, shallow water of Keuka Lake make for great fishing, especially lake trout, rainbow trout and brown trout.

What To Do


The area around Keuka Lake is especially good for bicyclists. The 44 mile circuit around the lake is a popular route, with spectacular views of the lake and the surrounding vineyards. What was once known as the "Crooked Lake Canal" that linked Keuka Lake to Seneca Lake has been out of use since 1870, but the path left by the canal is now put to good use by hikers and bikers.


Keuka Lake is very popular with water sports enthusiasts who come to Keuka for the warm waters and stunning scenery. Marinas in Hammondsport and Penn Yan offer boat rentals, and some even offer canoe and kayak delivery to your cottage.

A few operators offer cruises on Keuka Lake as well.


Keuka Lake is famous for its fishing, especially lake trout, rainbow trout, brown trout and landlocked salmon. You can catch some big brown trout here—one fisherman landed a 22 pound brown on Keuka, setting what was then a state record that has since been eclipsed.


The Keuka Lake Outlet Trail, which connects Keuka Lake to Seneca Lake, is especially appealing to hikers. The trail runs along abandoned railroad tracks from Penn Yan to Dresden. The five mile trail winds past old mills, that have long since fallen into disuse, and two stunning waterfalls that are very much still alive.

The Keuka Lake State Park, near Penn Yan in Bluff Point, has some nice hiking trails and plenty of other attractions as well.

Public Parks

Just west of Penn Yan, The Keuka Lake State Park is a great place for taking in all the charms that Keuka Lake has to offer. A big camping area (150 tent and trailer sites), a swimming beach, boat launch, dockage and hiking trails are some of the features that make Keuka Lake State Park a prime spot for enjoying the great outdoors.

Clear waters of Keuka Lake

The clear waters of Keuka Lake


Keuka Lake Facts and FAQs

How Long is Keuka Lake?

Keuka Lake is just under 20 miles in length from North to South.  The lake is shaped like a “Y” and because of this, ranks third in total size.  Penn Yann sits atop the right branch and at the base to the south is Hammondsport.

How Wide is Keuka Lake?

Where the branches meet, the lake is its widest at 1.9 miles.  However, the two branches are considerably narrower.

How Deep is Keuka Lake?

Keuka Lake is 183 feet deep, making it a more average lake in terms of depth, despite its proximity to the deepest lake. 

Did You Know?: Keuka Lake is the only Finger Lake to empty into another Finger Lake. Keuka empties into Seneca Lake via the Keuka Outlet - a 7 mile waterway that leads from Penn Yan on Keuka Lake to Dresden on Seneca Lake